The Drew Acorn

The Drew Acorn is a student-run newspaper that covers Drew University’s news, student life and arts, opinions, research and sports.

It was founded in 1928 as a newsletter for the College of Liberal Arts with a main office on the second floor of Brothers College. During the early 1940s, the newspaper had a staff of about 40 students, a relatively large number given that the College of Liberal Arts had a total of about 200 students at the time.

With a growth in the student body, the newspaper moved to Mead Hall in the 1950s and later to the University Center (now Ehinger Center) where it remains.

Since its establishment, The Acorn has tremendously grown from a two-sided newsletter printed biweekly, to a hand-drawn magazine 18-32 pages long and finally to a 16-page newspaper.

Today, The Drew Acorn is printed biweekly on Friday with the website being updated every week.


To learn more about the history of The Acorn, click here.

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