Tips and Tricks for Navigating the Stressful Semesters

September 15, 2017

As we launch into week 4 of the semester you may find yourself starting to get bombarded with tests, projects, papers and research assignments. The semester is officially up and running and if you don’t keep pace you’ll get left behind. Days can get really busy and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Here are some tips that can help you avoid some of the stress and anxiety that piles up as the semester progresses.


Have a planner: This is the biggest part of staying organized. A planner is essential to keeping up on your school work and important events. Trying to keep all of your responsibilities straight in your head is a sure fire way to forget something. Whether you prefer to go all out and color code things by class or just use a notebook to keep track of what you need to do everyday make sure you’re using a planner.  


Use Google Calendar: Do you always forget meetings? Can’t remember what your work schedule is? Try using Google Calendar. Put in all your classes, work shifts, advisor meetings, and club events and you’ll never forget anything again. It lets you get super geeky with it by color coding events, adding pictures and inviting people to things on your calendar. Plus,  you can set reminders before each event so you’ll never miss class even if you sleep through your 7 alarms!


Look at your syllabus: Your syllabi are your bible for the semester. They are truly your Holy Grail. Wondering when your professor’s office hours are? It’s in the syllabus. When is that midterm exam again? It’s in the syllabus. Really, read your syllabus you’ll be happy you did.


Go to the Library: It’s so easy to get distracted in your room. You’ve never wanted to do laundry until it’s time to write that English paper. Suddenly, you’re in the mood to clean despite the fact that you have a test in 12 hours. Seriously, go to the library! If nothing else, go for a change of scenery.


Use your Resources: Don’t wait until you’re neck deep in stress and confusion to ask for help. Are you confused about an assignment? Send a quick email to your professor asking for clarification. Need some help preparing for a big exam? Make an appointment for subject tutoring to feel more prepared. Looking for some help on how to get organized? Schedule an appointment with an academic coach or go to an academic coaching workshop.


Keep your spaces clean: Keeping your room (and bathroom if you’re in a suite) clean is really important to your ability to be an effective human. Your entire day will be streamlined if you’re not tripping over piles of dirty laundry or trying to avoid wads of hair in the shower.

Plan your free time: Once you start to get busy it becomes really easy to forget to eat, sleep or just have fun. When you’re this busy it’s especially important to make sure that you have down time to avoid burning out. Whether you use your free time to take a run, go into town, or just watch a few episodes of Netflix it’s important that you make time for some rest and relaxation.

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