VP Marti Winer Reflects on Time at DREW

September 7, 2018

Vice President of University Relations Marti Winer will be leaving Drew on September 7. Winer, who attended Drew as an undergraduate student in the class of ‘97, has served in her position since November 2014, when she was recruited by the newly appointed University President MaryAnn Baenninger. Since arriving at Drew, Winer has always held a deep love for the Drew community, saying, “I first came to Drew 25 years ago this month to begin my first year of college; I immediately fell in love with Drew University.” She continued, “Each aspect of my education, both in and out of the classroom, proved how special The Forest was and how each of its inhabitants added to this supportive and diverse community.”


While serving as the Vice President for Communications and Events at Wyndham Hotel Group, Winer had the opportunity to meet the then newly appointed President Baenninger. According to Winer, the two hit it off right away. It was after their initial meeting when Winer was offered the position of Chief of Staff.


Winer reflected on her experiences, saying, “Serving my alma mater in this capacity has been an amazing experience and every day since then has been an adventure.” She continues, “The portfolio of projects that I have worked on was fascinating from the start as I learned about higher education administration.”


Winer’s portfolio includes an impressive list of accomplishments including the addition of her current position of Vice President, University Relations, as well as a founding team member TEDxDrewUniversity, guest lecturing for the Business and Technology class, while also being responsible for the previous four Commencement ceremonies.


Winer also recognized the importance of those around her while she served out her term, saying, ”None of these accomplishments would have been possible without the collaboration of the wonderful faculty and staff that I have had the chance to get to know, some of whom I first met as a student and am now honored to call friends.”




She as well thanked President Baenninger and her fellow cabinet members, remarking, “I am thankful to President Baenninger and my Cabinet colleagues for their partnership, their friendship and, most of all, their dedication to an institution I love.” Continuing, she said, “I can honestly say that it has been an honor and a privilege to serve my alma mater for the last four years and I look forward to returning to the role of an active alum who will share the good work of the Drew Community with everyone I meet.”


After leaving Drew, Winer will continue her career serving in the hospitality industry, now in Las Vegas.


Though she may be moving on again, Winer noted that while she is sad, she is still excited to continue her journey, saying, “I am sad to be leaving Drew, now for the second time, but excited to continue this journey.”


“I wish everyone at Drew all the best in all of your endeavors and cannot wait to hear the amazing news about The Forest that can now travel all the way to the desert.”


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