How to Properly Bleach your Hair

September 9, 2018

You know what they say, blondes have more fun. But is that really the case? They certainly don’t have more fun when their hair is severely damaged from a home bleaching job. So for all of you who are considering bleaching your hair at the tail end of summer ‘18, here are some tips of how to take care of your hair while still achieving that “too much chlorine and sun this summer” blonde that you are striving for.


First, make sure you prep your hair before you dye it. While it may seem fun to dye your hair on a whim in your dorm room’s bathroom sink, you should at least prep enough so that your hair is not terribly damaged. Of course, bleaching your hair will cause damage no matter what precautions you take. But you can limit the amount of damage by making sure your hair is cared for beforehand.


Refinery29 suggests using protective hair masks during the two weeks before bleaching your hair. Also, if you have enough foresight to plan your dying in advance, don’t wash your hair for a few days before dying it. Bleaching recently washed hair can irritate the scalp.




When bleaching your hair, make sure to use a developer. If you buy a coloring kit, most come with developers already. Make sure that you choose a developer that is right for your hair and your hair dying skill level. If this is your first time bleaching your hair or you have thin, brittle hair do not use a 40 volume developer. Use a lesser one until you get comfortable with dying your hair on your own.


After dying your hair, you should use purple products. According to Marie Claire, purple products are shampoos and conditioners that have purple pigment in them to counteract the coppering effect that often accompanies dyed blonde hair. It is advised to use purple products once a week in order to keep that bright, vibrant color.


If you’re looking to kick off the school year with a fresh new hair color, remember to take these precautionary steps; but remember that you don’t need to do it to look cool!


Anna is a junior English major with a double minor in Art History and Women and Gender Studies


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