Athlete Spotlight: Ryann Callaghan

September 14, 2018





Coming to a PhD program near you! She’s a member of our Drew Pre-Health society, a worker at the office for Academic Excellence, and is currently writing her thesis on her work studying antibiotic Kibdelomycin. Oh, and I almost forgot, she’s a four-year starter in goal for the Drew Rangers field hockey team and now holds the record for most saves ever by a Ranger goalie...and she was Landmark Athlete of the week. She is Ryann Callaghan (‘19), and what most people don’t accomplish in a lifetime, she’s done in her short time here at Drew. But the scary part is she’s just getting started.


A double major in Biology and Spanish, Callaghan is from Fountain Valley, California and admittedly didn’t know much about Drew until she was recruited for her skills in net. However, with a mind like hers, she knew that while it was her athletic gift that drew college recruiters west, the school she chose had to be able to match her intellect and provide her with the opportunity to reach her lofty goals. She stated that is was the “balance of academics and athletics” that drove her to become a Ranger, and her decision would prove to be historic for Rangers field hockey.

Callaghan has certainly struck that balance well as she immediately won the starting spot in goal for the Rangers as a freshman and has only missed two games due to injury over the course of her time here. She has been the anchor to a team that has been in flux the past few years. Beginning with the departure of the Head Coach that recruited her, to now welcoming a new freshman class that almost doubles their numbers, the Rangers have had few reliable things on the field hockey team, except for Callaghan’s brilliance in net. While I could list her accolades as a goalie here, that list would be far too long. Suffice it to say that the easier thing to do is list what she hasn’t accomplished, but Ryann wants you to know that she’s much more than an athlete.


Her resume ranges from multiple years of research in the field of antibiotics to being involved in the Student Alumni Association, and she has made it her business to be an active member in her beloved Drew community. That might impress you, but just listen to what she’s going to do. Callaghan is applying to multiple PhD programs at the moment as she pursues her passion for biomedical research and hopes to end up in the field of immunology and microbiology… just wow. It seems that Drew’s best goalkeeper’s biggest save might just come after college, and her determination and smarts has this writer thinking that whether we’re watching her from the stands or waiting for the next medical breakthrough, Ryann Callaghan has got us covered.


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