Student Government Weekly Recap for September 23

September 28, 2018

On Sunday, Sept. 23, Drew’s Student Government conducted another of their weekly meetings. The meeting began by swearing in Jazmine Freddie (‘20) as the Junior Senator and Fabiana Oliviera de Rocha as the Commuter-at-large. The meeting continued with President Salma Mahmoud’s (‘19) executive address, in which she spoke of a Town Hall Meeting that will be taking place on Monday, Oct. 15 from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. which will include a meet and greet with the entire student body of Drew.  


From there, the group addressed student concerns and complaints. One of the major concerns they covered was the campus-wide internet outage that occurred last week on the evening of Wednesday, Sept. 19 and discussed potential solutions that could keep something like that from happening again. They are planning to contact the head librarian as well as Chris Darrell, the head of tech on campus, to see about potentially training more people who work at the library at night. Additionally, they are considering having someone who lives on campus trained so they can handle situations like this that happen when there is no full-time staff around after hours.


Other concerns they covered included the lack of washing machines in Welch and Haselton, bringing up the tireless efforts of facilities to fix them as soon as possible; the idea of contacting commons and suggesting that they list the ingredients in their food for those who have allergies; and the broken milkshake machine in the C-Store, an issue that Senator Raquel Cabrera (‘21) and Senator Bobby Ludwick (‘19) are planning to address.   


Near the end of the meeting, Chief Communications Officer Nicole Albornoz (‘20) confirmed a Black Lives Matter Forum Part Two that will be taking place on Tuesday, Oct. 2. The meeting ended with a quick recap of other clubs and events going on during the week and was adjourned through motions made by Senator Cabrera and Senator Cassie Allen (‘21).


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March 13, 2020

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