Humans of Drew

Humans of Drew

This week select members of the Drew community were photographed and chosen to answer one question in an effort to bring back (hopefully) a weekly segment replicating ‘Humans of New York’. Asked “ What is your greatest struggle,  right now, today.” this is Humans of Drew.


All photos courtesy of Ayssatou Ba


“At the moment, I’m trying to understand the difference between what’s happening in my head, and what’s happening in my heart, and I’m still trying to figure that out...I don’t know yet.”

Aurie Flores ’19



“It’s not that big compared to everything else in my life, but today I’ve been fighting with the Financial Aid office. Forms after forms, this whole time I was not eligible to work. I’ve had two jobs lined up on campus for weeks and I can’t work them, they're being very patient with me. I’m calling and applying for these jobs but I can’t get them because of something that is not directly in my control. It’s frustrating because I can’t work or register for classes  because one piece of paper is controlling everything that I want to be able to do right now, in this moment.”

Fabrice Nozier ‘20


“Remembering that I’m human, it’s like I try to put everything on myself until I run out of gas eventually. Then I have to stop and remember that I am a human being, and,I have different wants, and needs then those of the people I care abou,t and of the people around me….so just remembering to take that breath and like thinking about myself once in a while. First I think I’m a daughter, a sister, an actor, a student….then it gets to I am Jasmin.”

Jasmin Casiano '21



“I feel like I have this idea in my head of what I want my future to look like, but I can’t figure out what the steps i need to take to get me to this point. Like obviously I’m in college right now and I’m going to graduate in a couple of months and I keep thinking like what’s next, what’s next. I want to apply to graduate schools and I’d like  to get into a Ph.D program in behavioral neuroscience but their super competitive. So I feel like I’m struggling  with the idea that I would like to become a doctor and I would like to become a research scientist but I don’t know if I’m going to get in. It’s like ok, I’ve been working towards this goal for 4 years but it’s still a goal at the end of the day and I haven’t obtained it”

Salma Mahmoud '19


“The releasing of all of my struggles. It’s kind of a conundrum, but to completely letting go of everything that’s worrying me for a certain amount of time, like I haven’t been able to do that since school started. Nobody really does but it’s really hard because most of us never really leave this place it’s like we are constantly surrounded by the thing that stresses us out so it’s like we never really truly escape it. It’s hard to not  think about doing you’re science homework when you’re by the hall of sciences, its hard to release yourself from rehearsal when you walk past the DOYO everyday. It’s really hard to meditate and to release all that anxiety even for a short amount of time, because it’s surrounding you  its easy for it to creep back into your head. So yeah I just want to be free right now and just be in tune with the universe.”

Chance Jones '20



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March 13, 2020

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