College 101: 5 Special Programs for College Students

October 18, 2018

1. Semester at Sea (SAS)


You know those days when you sit in class and daydream about cruising around the world or living on a cruise ship with all of your closest friends? What about visiting different countries for four months for class credit? Guess what? This program is real and totally realistic! It is basically The Suite Life on Deck in real life, and it does not get much better than that. SAS is so much more than your average cruise; it is truly a once-in-a-lifetime adventure and a fantastic way to study abroad and see the world.


2. The Disney College Program


The Disney College Program allows students from around the world to work and live at Walt  Disney World in Florida or Disneyland in California for a semester during college. While working you also have the opportunity to gain valuable career experience with a well-known company and take classes about interesting subjects like “Disney History 101.” Plus, you get into the parks for free, so what could be a better program for college students than that? There are currently multiple Drew students participating in the program this semester, and surely they will come back with tons to rave about.




3. L’Oreal International Internship


L’Oreal has a competitive global internship program which even offers tuition reimbursement as well as travel to several destinations like France or the Netherlands. The summer internship is currently ranked as the eighth in the nation. Their Global Opportunity Programme encourages students and recent graduates to learn about their desired career while exploring new cultures. What an amazing experience, right?


4. Washington Semester


Operated by George Washington University in partnership with Drew University, students enrolled in this program live in Washington, D.C. during the spring semester. On top of two required courses, they also complete an internship for eight credits. The program helps students understand the machinery of America’s government. This program is ideal for anyone looking to begin a career in International Relations or Political Science. It can also be much more affordable than a semester abroad, while still allowing you to experience a different city and culture.


5. United Nations Semester


Founded in 1962, the Semester on the United Nations is one of Drew University’s signature academic programs. Each fall semester, a group of 20 students travel twice a week to the United Nations to meet members of the U.N. Secretariat, the member states’ delegations, special agencies or nongovernmental organizations represented at the United Nations. So if you have ever wondered what it would be like to work for the United Nations, now you can find out!


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