Why Do Celebs Get Bad Tattoos?

October 19, 2018

If I know anything at all in this world, it is definitely that way too many celebrities have terrible tattoos. This honestly leaves me dumbfounded because it is not for a lack of money, resources or artists willing to provide the service. One of the newest additions to the cringeworthy trend is Post Malone’s infamous “always tired” tattoo placed below his eye bags. While this phrase is relatable, the placement and lettering could have been exponentially better. I am not a tattoo artist by any means, but I have binge watched enough of the show Ink Master to know that lettering should not look as though the artist had the needle in one hand and a shake weight in the other.


In an effort to answer this tattoo mystery, I delved into some popular theories. In a video for the YouTube channel called Inked, numerous tattoo artists declare that it comes down to the laziness and entitlement of celebrities. When stars want some new ink, it seems as if they do not do any research on the artists they are going to. Instead of waiting months for an appointment with a really renowned artist, a lot of celebs head straight to the first person willing to do it. In addition, artists who are not necessarily the best will offer the service for free in exchange for a shoutout or the consequential recognition of tattooing a big name.



Considering appearance is a huge part of being in the spotlight, it is odd that stars would not put more thought into the tattoo or artist. While I do not think tattoos need to have some deep underlying meaning, I do believe that some research should be done for something that will be on your body forever (unless you get a coverup or laser removal). The worst tattoo trend in Hollywood is obviously getting a partner’s name tattooed or in Zayn Malik’s case, a full portrait of his now ex-fiancée Perrie Edwards.


To me, the only justification for a celebrity having a bad tattoo is if it is an unintentional result of a drunken night. Maybe I am just judgemental, but if regular people can manage to get beautifully executed tattoos, celebrities can manage to get at least mediocre ones.


Victoria is a first year.


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