5 QPOC You Should Follow on Instagram

October 26, 2018




Getting bored of your Instagram feed? I can tell you the problem is that it’s probably not gay enough. Worry not! These Queer People of Color (QPOC) Instagrammers are sure to revive your feed and keep you up to date with what’s going on in the community. Featuring artists, activists, pop stars and producers you definitely need to follow these Instagrammers. Plus, who doesn’t need a few extra Insta stories to watch while you are sitting on the toilet?



TheUnapologeticallyBrownSeries by Johanna Toruño


Johanna Toruño, a Salvadoran street artist based in New York, is the creator of the street series The Unapologetically Brown Series. If you’ve walked around Manhattan in the past year you’ve definitely seen one of her posters with proclamations such as “Sisterhood Over Capitalism. Sisterhood is Medicine” and “Heteronormativity is a Mediocre Colonial Concept.” Toruño often livestreams her pasting up her posters around NYC as well as endless cute pictures of her and her girlfriend, Amy Quiche of VeggieMijas.





Pidgeon Pagonis


Pidgeon Pagonis is one of the co-founders of the Intersex Justice Project and an outspoken intersex activist. On their page, Pagonis posts lots of resources for starting your own #EndIntersexSurgery protests and how you can advocate for intersex rights no matter where you live. Additionally, they post some bomb selfies with beautiful lipstick colors so if anything else there’s that.




Curly Velasquez




Curly Velasquez, also known as thecurlyvshow, is a producer at Buzzfeed’s Pero Like. In addition to making awesome content for PeroLike, Velasquez has also started a new Instagram project, @nulatinx, which feature different Latinx influencers to highlight “la diaspora poderosa de Latinidad” (the powerful diaspora of Latinidad).  Velasquez’s often posts brujo aesthetic pictures of high waisted pants, cadenas sobre cadenas and his beautiful pitbull.


Hayley Kiyoko





If you don’t know who lesbian Jesus is by now, where have you been? Kiyoko is currently on tour in Europe and is constantly posting pictures of her live shows. She is also constantly collaborating with other queer artists, her most recent being “What I Need” with Kehlani, which basically broke the internet. If you need a hot girl who can sing on your feed, follow Hayley Kiyoko.


Lena Waithe



Waithe has recently been in the news for cutting off her dreadlocks, which Waithe said she was only holding on to because they were a “piece of femininity that would make the world feel comfortable with who I am.” Even bigger than this is the fact that Waithe was the first black woman to win an Emmy Award for Outstanding Writer for a Comedy Series for the “Thanksgiving” episode of Master of None. Currently, Waithe is working on the second season of her HBO show The Chi, based on her experiences in her native Chicago. If you love soft studs with smolders and fresh sneakers then definitely give Waithe a follow.

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