Drew CRCC Hosts Youth and Police Initiative

November 2, 2018

On Nov. 6, 8, 13 and 15, the Drew Center on Religion, Culture and Conflict (CRCC) will be hosting a series of workshops in conjunction with Americorp called the Youth and Police Initiative (YPI).



The YPI, which was first launched in 2003, is a program founded by the North American Family Institute. The program typically consists of four full-day sessions that are run as interactive forums that engage local youth and police. In bringing YPI to Drew, it will be the first time the program has been run on a college campus as well as in New Jersey.


“Our initial goals were to find ways to bring the community together,” said Zanya Morgan (C’20), who serves as an Americorp Service Member at Drew. “We want to organize events to find ways to make community members feel comfortable with the police, also to make the police officers feel more confident interacting with teenagers and young adults.”


As part of the program, Drew students will be invited to have an open dialogue with local police and campus public safety, as well as engage in team building exercises to help nurture an understanding between both sides. Topics covered will range from a variety of issues including race, stereotypes, and privilege.


The program will be administered by representatives from Americorp NJ along with Drew’s CRCC which manages the “Americorp Safer Community Grant” at Drew.


“The ultimate goal is to create a forum for students and law enforcement to have an open dialogue,” said CRCC administrative assistant and the on-campus manager of the Americorp Grant Anne Ricculli.


To register for Drew YPI, visit the CRCC’s page on Drew’s website at drew.edu/crcc.

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