Drew in Compliance with New NJ Sick Leave Policy

November 16, 2018

As of Oct. 29,  Drew has updated its policy when it comes to Sick Leaves attendance for its employees and student employees. Drew’s Paid Sick Leave policy entered into effect the same day as the NJ Paid Sick Leave Act, which was signed by New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy in May.



This policy will help cover any pay gaps for when unforeseen circumstances such as a serious illness, seasonal sickness, and any emergencies that arise resulting in missed work. The new policy affects employees in various ways based on their type of employment. For exempt full-time and part-time employees, this law will have little effect due to the policy states that “exempt employees do not accrue a specific amount of paid sick leave.” For non-exempt full-time and part-time employees, they can get up to 70 hours or 10 days of paid sick leave, however, it depends on the number of hours they are scheduled to work. When it comes to student employees, for every 30-40 hours worked, one hour of paid sick leave is added. Nonetheless, if a student is a new hire, they can request paid sick leave after 90 days from their initial hire date.


This policy will benefit the students more than other employees, however, the student body is not aware of their new right. Emily Rosales C’19 said  “I haven’t heard about it, but I have heard talks about it in the past. I think it should have been done before because students would need this for sicknesses for certain times in the year.” The information on the new policy was not sent out in a full email, but was included in a Drew Today email. Full time employees also support the policy, even if they had a similar one was already in place. Deidra Harrison, who works in the Office of Advancement stated “Yes, I have heard of it. I think it is really good for students if they are sick. For me, it is a good comfort but there is something similar that I already have but it is good for the students.”


More information on the new policy can be found on Drew’s Human Resources website, as well as on the New Jersey Department of Labor’s website.


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