What Is Happening to America?

November 16, 2018

The pundits told us different things after Tuesday’s midterm elections. Half said the win was for the Democrats, who were able to retake the House of Representatives come the newly appointed Congress in 2019. The other half said the Republicans won with being able to keep hold of and extend their support in the Senate. But the reality was neither party won because what we saw last week showed a greater loss for the present of our country.


Last week in our midterm elections, it was clear that our country is as divided as ever. There’s no such thing as center politics or bipartisanship; in this country that is no longer a thing. We saw how divisive the values and morals of the President of the United States are across the country. When once we were brought together as Americans, we now view ourselves first and foremost as Republicans or Democrats, supportive of Donald Trump or not. That’s the raw outcome of the midterms.


I’m a progressive. I am passionate about putting a legislative check on this administration. I was happy about last week’s results as we saw changes in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan, the states that made Trump president, swing overwhelmingly Democrat. Yet, as I looked further into the results of the election I no longer saw a united country, I saw 50 states and 425 districts. I did not see a country.




Where is our country going? For the next two years with Democrats controlling the House and Republicans the Senate, is all we are going to get gridlock? With all the domestic and international issues facing our country, will we be too focused on playing politics rather than trying to find bipartisan solutions? We are focused on our party’s gains rather than the betterment of our united country.


When you look at a map of the U.S. all you see now is two colors: blue and red. And you wonder, where are the people that think similarly located, where are my fellow Democrats or Republicans? This isn’t the country I was taught in the history books as being the greatest in the world, the one true democracy that celebrates the maverick spirit and the spirit of togetherness. I do not like what I see America becoming and I am sure I am not alone.


Rural areas are getting redder, urban and suburban areas are getting bluer. Red states got redder, blue states got bluer. Democrats are turning more left and Republicans are turning more right. But what about America? Not rural America or urban America or red America or blue America, just America. What is happening to America? I am scared to find out.


Ellie is a sophomore International Relations major with a minor in Middle East Studies.


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March 13, 2020

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