RE: Holocaust Event

December 1, 2018

The world is not a safe space. The creation of safe spaces is necessary for individuals to process horrific events, or even to take a break from the tragedies of the world. I recognize that this approach is dangerous. The real world is not like this. The world is not a safe space. This is not to tear down the act of creating such spaces, instead this is a direct response to public displays that impact individuals. I am sure you have noticed when there is a Holocaust-related event, signs that read blanket labels of "holocaust event" around campus direct people to the event.


However, can someone please explain why it is necessary to have signs that say "holocaust event.” I mean, the sign is direct, I'll give it that. If I was a guest looking for a holocaust-related event, I am sure that this sign would be of use. But can we not?



This blanket label dehumanizes the horrific tragedies that happened during the Holocaust. The reason why safe spaces are created are to help process in a physical safe space because this type of careless wording. It is dangerous. When we use language that is dehumanizing and that distances us from such events that initially impact the need for a space-- we are creating environments. Safe spaces are created because we cannot publicly mourn, or because statements like this commonly privatizes the conversations that address concerns like this.


This is a public statement to address this concern. We do not need safe spaces when we can do better.


Sabrina is a senior.


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March 13, 2020

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