Keeping Kerry

January 25, 2019

While you may not know Kerry Klüg he has most certainly affected your time at Drew. Whether you participated in club sports or have ever been to a campus event, Kerry probably had his hand in making it happen. Kerry Klüg is someone who Drew University cannot function properly without. His official title was Coordinator of Campus Recreation, but he used to do so much more. He helped new students feel welcome through orientation week, and offered  opportunities for students to grow with leadership training and volunteer opportunities. He also aided in senior transitions into the real world through Adulting 101 classes. Kerry supported and managed club sports at Drew and ran intramural leagues. He helped students and faculty stay active through numerous fitness classes. He gave students opportunities to do what they love by helping create new clubs and club sports.


So what, why does this matter? Well, Kerry has been terminated from Drew University due to budget cuts. The administration has decided that he is not an essential part of Drew, despite being the only person in his department. We need to show that same administration that he does matter, and that this decision was made without truly considering what impact it would have on student life.   


Kerry gave a voice to many people on campus. He helped his club sports teams stay safe and advocated for them when no one else would. He did this by helping teams with fundraisers, helping students work with the administration and sponsoring new teams. Even though he was no longer a CRE, Kerry continued to help improve ResLife programs. By lending out equipment and aiding with planning, he supported Civic Scholars. Kerry actually listened to student ideas and helped the ideas come to fruition. He helped create many clubs that are unique to Drew. His intramural league was ranked in the top 50 in the U.S. Organizing free events on and off campus, Kerry helped students socialize and make important connections. Kerry is a Drew alumni who has given ten years of work to Drew. So why in these budget cuts is the administration placing student life below the bottom line?


These are the facts; Kerry Klüg is part of Drew. He has helped make club sports and intramurals what they are today. He has helped or founded countless other organizations on campus. He consistently brightens students’ days and works to make student life better. He did all this and more without complaint and does his job with joy. His impact at Drew is undeniable. For all he has done for us, we owe it to him to try and get him back.


Grace is a sophomore biology major.

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March 13, 2020

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