Concert Hall Column: Drew Tones

February 1, 2019

This week the Concert Hall Column features another talented musician from the Music department here at Drew. Stefanie DeFronzo (’20) is from Albany, N.Y. and is majoring in Biochemistry. Although she is not a music major or minor, she sings in both Chorale and Choral Union. She has also been playing piano since she was five, and she explained, “My grandma just bought me a piano and my parents were like, ‘Okay, I guess she’s playing piano.’” Her favorite composer is Beethoven. She even has a miniature bust of his head in her room. DefFonzo says, “Moonlight Sonata is my favorite piece by Beethoven, super basic I know, but I just love that piece.” Obviously, DeFronzo is passionate about music. “It's really crazy that music can make you feel happy but also make you want to cry,” she said sharing her favorite part of music. “I think it's magnificent that music can make you feel so many different emotions.”





One of her favorite memories involving music is about her first piano recital. “My first piano recital piece was called ‘My Cat Bill’ and I chose it not only because of the title but because the cover had flowers and a big yellow cat on the front,” DeFronzo stated. “Meanwhile everyone else in the class picked normally named pieces like ‘Flower Song’ [...] I memorized [the piece] for the recital and I still know how to play it.”


When DeFronzo is not performing music, she can be found reading or watching movies with her friends. She has also recently taken up knitting. DeFronzo frequently enters the Broadway lottery to win tickets to one of the many shows, too.


You can see DeFronzo perform at the Choral Collage Concert on March 16, 2019. This concert will feature Chorale and Choral Union, as well as the acapella groups and the Pan African Choir.


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