Drew Announces New Graduate Degree in Data Analytics

February 1, 2019

The Caspersen School of Graduate Studies will be adding a new program to its roster next semester — a degree in data analytics. The new program ranges from a graduate certificate requiring 12 credits to a full Masters of Science requiring 30 to 36 credits over two years.




Data analytics, and more broadly data science, is consistently ranked as one of the most rapidly growing fields according to Forbes and IBM. Program Director Prof. Sarah Abramowitz cites a wide variety of job opportunities for graduates of the program, ranging from the music industry to medical services. Abramowitz additionally pointed to the retail industry and its use of “data analytics to connect shoppers with relevant items to maximize sales.” This wide usage of the degree extends into the way Drew’s program will be structured. The degree can be integrated with other Caspersen offerings, including the Masters of Finance degree added at the beginning of the fall 2018 semester. Beyond finance, Prof. Carlos Yordán said that he “would like to teach a course on politics and social media which would require students to use data analytic techniques, such as text-mining, to understand how, for example, campaigns use these social media platforms.”


Abramowitz and Yordán point to this diversity in course offerings as a reason why Drew’s data analytics program is unique. The program has brought on Mathematics and Computer Science professors Chris Casement and Yi Lu, and is also hiring a professor of data analytics.


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March 13, 2020

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