We Need to Celebrate Drew's Art

February 1, 2019

As a tour guide, I have the extraordinary privilege of showing off Drew’s beautiful campus to hundreds of people. Sharing my experience at Drew, my friends and my classmates with prospective students and their families has allowed me to give back to the community and thank them for my great experience here. Though my job is fun, interactive, and I get a great work out walking all over campus, I find that the hardest part of my job is the lack of evidence of Drew students’ achievements I can show off.


At the DOYO, I brag about the incredible art and theater programs we have here at Drew. Yet, as a non-art student, I have very few personal examples and stories I can share with the families. For those tours that do not have students interested in art or theater, my usual speech works fine. But the students who are interested want more. They want to see the work of Drew students. At the DOYO, there are only a number of pieces up. But it honestly seems underwhelming showing the few things they have posted while I am saying how extraordinary our students are. Photos of theater performances and more student art projects lining the wall of the DOYO would not only captivate prospective students but celebrate our fellow classmates for everyone to see.



Beyond the DOYO, there are areas all over our campus where art should be celebrated and placed. Studies have shown that more public art, especially at schools, better connects community and increases happiness. All across campus, we should broadcast Drew students and their achievements. All across campus, we need murals, paintings, and sculptures that show not only visitors but our own Drew community that we value our students and their talents.




Ellie is a sophomore International Relations major with a minor in Middle East Studies. 


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March 13, 2020

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