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February 15, 2019



Between avoiding slipping on ice and trying to keep your fingers from falling off, it can seem like summer is a long time away. Soon enough, though, we will be back from spring break and staring down the barrel of what to do this summer. Get a head start before you get wrapped up in midterms and finals by checking out and applying for summer internships!




Internships can help you refine what you would like to do after college, while also giving you hands-on experience and sometimes you even, get paid. Summer is the perfect time to try an internship, particularly if you find yourself overwhelmingly busy during the semester. Plus, it will keep your mom from yelling at you to get off the couch or your dad forcing you to do yard work. Check out these summer internships that will help you develop your resume no matter your major.




Are you an English or Media and Communications major? Do you just love books and want to learn more about what it takes to get them on the shelves? Then an internship in publishing may be right. HarperCollins offers internships in all aspects of publishing from creative development to marketing, editorial to YA literature. You’ll have the opportunity to work at HarperCollins or one of their imprints in either NJ or NY. Learn more about their internship program and search which departments are looking for summer interns here.




If you are Pre-Med and currently a sophomore or junior, the mentoring program at Trinitas Regional Medical Center may be right for you. You’ll be able to shadow in a variety of departments including OB/GYN, Surgery, ER and Hematology/Oncology under the direct mentorship of an Attending Physician. If this sounds interesting to you, make sure to check out the application details here and get started soon because applications are due April 1!


Hospitality and Business:


Have you always wanted to work in the hospitality industry and/or wonder what it takes? Then you’re in luck because there’s an opportunity to try it out right here on Drew’s campus. Drew’s Conference and Events department is looking for summer workers who are provided housing and paid hourly. This is a great opportunity to see what it’s like to coordinate and manage conferences, summer camps and more! Apply by February 22nd by emailing for more information.




Has the current political climate inspired you to get involved in our government? Start with an internship at the office of Mikie Sherril, the congresswoman of N.J.’s eleventh district. Opportunities are available in both Washington D.C. or here in New Jersey to gain experience in what it means to work in a congressional office. Apply to either one (or both!) of the opportunities here.









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