DISA Statement

February 22, 2019

We wholeheartedly condemn Students for Justice in Palestine’s advertisement poster displaying a gun pointed at the head of an innocent Palestinian child.


While the poster suggests that a soldier is holding the weapon, we would like to note that this image does not depict an actual event. Our research has determined that it is a spray-painted image that has been cropped to look like a highly edited photograph.


In an email, the offensive image was hailed as a metaphor for a “constant sense of fear and insecurity.” Surely, this end can be achieved without depicting infanticide.




Such highly charged, violent imagery aims to elicit animosity toward Israel, and DISA alike, while perpetuating a false narrative based on an entirely unfounded claim.


In times of conflict, we must hold strict adherence to reason, truth and most importantly, respect. As supporters of Israel, we condemn all acts of violence and take unfounded accusations about Israeli soldiers incredibly seriously.


The Drew Israel Student Association proudly reaffirms its commitment to positive activism and will continue to refrain from using inflammatory language or images. We refuse to insult and promise to respect our opposition.


Nathan is a sophomore with majors in International Relations and Psychology.

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March 13, 2020

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