President Baenninger's Letter to the Editor

March 15, 2019

To the Editor:


I write regarding the February 22 opinion piece, “Response to President Baenninger’s Email.”


The anonymous author raises the issue of a Drew University public safety officer who she/he believes has had intimate relationships with adult students. The author further states that the public safety officer’s presence on campus causes anxiety for many female students. This is a serious concern, and the issue raised in this opinion piece is the same as one submitted and responded to via the Google Form created for community questions about Title IX at Drew.


The University investigates all complaints, but unfortunately, while anonymous complaints can be investigated, complaints that do not name, physically describe or otherwise identify a respondent are difficult and in some cases impossible to investigate. We strongly urge anyone with information substantiating these claims or with identifying information about a respondent to report them to someone on the Title IX list on our website ( or via the anonymous tip line for complaints at 1-866-943-5787.


When a complainant files a formal complaint against a respondent, or when there are other factors that necessitate a fact-finding to occur, an investigation will proceed. If anyone reading this feels that they have reported a claim and it wasn’t addressed, I urge you to report it again, anonymously if you choose, and to include the circumstances under which you believe you reported it previously so that too can be investigated.


Best regards,

MaryAnn Baenninger



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March 13, 2020

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