Change Your Tune: New Music Suggestions from Spotify

March 15, 2019



Whether you are looking for a playlist that makes you want to dance, helps you study for a chemistry exam, allows you to stew in your own angst or just lets you explore new sounds, Spotify is the answer. Spotify has every artist or sound you could ever want and uses software that tracks your listening to offer new suggestions based on what you enjoy. If you are looking for new suggestions to mix up your Spotify, check out some of the playlist recommendations below for inspiration.


Anti Emo Hours

Created by Drew University student Calvin Craig (’19), anti emo hours features songs like the Jonas Brothers’ “Year 3000,” The All-American Rejects’ “Dirty Little Secret,” Hilary Duff’s “Beat of my Heart” and Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA.” Anti Emo Hours is the perfect playlist to throw you back to the early 2000s, when your biggest problem was Miley Cyrus’ friends not recognizing her as Hannah Montana just because she changed her wig. It is a feel-good playlist, perfect for pretending a rainy, cold New Jersey afternoon is a sunny summer day.



Created by Drew University student Henry Ferchau (’19), Carefree features songs like Bruno Mars’ “That’s What I Like,” Bob Marley’s “Buffalo Soldier,” Santaferia’s “Red Red Wine” and The Black Eyed Peas’ “Meet Me Halfway.” Carefree incorporates pop and reggae to make an ideal playlist for relaxing with friends or alone, or for a long car ride to nowhere in particular.



Spotify’s playlist, RapCaviar, is a place where you can find the most popular hip-hop songs of today, including Offset’s “Red Room,” Lil Skies “Bad Girls,” 2 Chainz’s “High Top Versace” and Kodack Black’s “Calling My Spirit.” With the most up-to-date songs, RapCaviar allows you to listen to what’s new in hip-hop and serves as the perfect playlist for chilling and hanging with friends.


Peaceful Piano

Spotify’s playlist Peaceful Piano, includes songs like Max Ritcher’s  “A Lamenting Song,” Koral Banko’s “The Nomad” and Mbo Mentho’s “Sea Mist.” With melodies played entirely on piano, Peaceful Piano is one of the best playlists to listen to while studying, or just simply to enjoy the beauty of the piano.


Fresh Finds

Spotify’s playlist Fresh Finds showcases emerging artists who may not have found radio coverage yet. Some songs the playlist features are Kings’ “Colour,” Rymo’s “Hurt Me Now,” Otherwise Fine’s “It’s Always Been U” and Snowprah’s “Yank Riddim.” It includes songs from a variety of genres and is ideal for anyone looking to explore new songs and artists or for listening inspiration.



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