Student Government Creates Senate Position for International Students

March 22, 2019

This past week, on Sunday, March 17 the undergraduate student government passed an amendment that would create an International Student Senator position.


The amendment was sponsored by Senator Chris Zanardi (‘20). It was originally proposed at the Student Government meeting on Sunday, Feb. 3 but did not pass. Originally the amendment received seven yea votes, four nay and two abstentions. Though there was a majority of yea votes, the amendment would have required two-thirds of the Senate to support it to pass. The second time the proposal was brought to Student Government, slightly edited for clarity, it overwhelmingly passed 12-3, despite some vocal opposition.


International students at Drew are classified into two groups: those who apply through INTO, an organization that partners with colleges to assist in enrolling international students; as well as those who simply apply directly to Drew.. The proposed amendment aims to bring concerns from both groups to Student Government. The amendment states, “The International Senator Position shall serve to directly aid and raise awareness to the needs of general admission international students, as well as the needs of INTO students which the INTO program does not cover.”


Currently, the undergraduate student government is made up of four class senators for each year, the president and their cabinet and a commuter senator. The commuter senator position was created in the fall semester of 2018 in order to represent commuter concerns that students who live on campus would not be able to address.


Student body President Vincent Costa stated, “I personally think this is something we should have had a long time ago, and am still saddened it did not pass the first time the Senate voted on it. The opposition, although passionate, was severely misguided in their beliefs, and I am extremely happy that the Senate finally realized that.”


The Senate will vote to confirm the new international student senator this Sunday, March 24. International students interested in the position should reach out to President Costa at before Sunday.


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March 13, 2020

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