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In today’s consumerist society with all of its technological marvels, it is increasingly easy to overlook the encroachment of the bourgeois on the world’s hardworking men, women and gender nonconforming people. We all bustle around in our own little worlds, doing whatever is necessary to make ends meet, all the while distracted by temporary nothingness. Our oppressors point towards increasing universally available amenities, a higher poverty line and dropping unemployment; however, a society with any poverty or unemployment is imperfect, and many “increased amenities” are just technologies necessary to everyday life, such as computers or smartphones. The truth is, even the concept of property rights—“owning” things in a world we inherited from our ancestors and which has been built by the labor of others—is nothing more than a novel and ignorant misconception of the ideal state of humanity.



It should be our eternal shame to live in a world where two individuals—Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates—have passed  $100 billion in net worth. Rather than encouraging greed and accumulation of wealth in a world of finite resources, we should instead strive for compassionate policies that redistribute such undeserved capital to the poor, downtrodden and those who need it. If those in power refuse to do so, we as the workers of the world should unite and rise up to do so for the benefit of society. A profit-driven capitalistic society will inherently drive itself into the dirt at the expense of the people if any money can be made. With the world hurtling towards moral bankruptcy and environmental disaster, we should realize the root of the problem—neoliberal capitalism—and annihilate the foundations of the international economy so that the proletariat may prosper. Whether this takes the more moderate form of nationalization of all industries and abolition of private property or if it necessitates overthrowing the government and genocide of those who will not stand with us, we will do what is necessary to ensure our future ends up in the right (left) hands.


While our plutocratic despots inch us closer to international conflicts on the back of working-class labor, we should be preparing for the true war of our time—the proletariat revolution. Even though the world is still regrettably consumed by capitalism, some optimism can be found in promising movements in the correct direction. Many new freshman Democratic Congresspeople, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Ilhan Omar (D-MN), are pushing the party in a long-overdue leftward direction as they advocate for the poor and voiceless masses and introduce empathetic social-justice-driven policy. While they may not be far enough left, advocate for full-on Marxist policies or outwardly embrace the only true political disposition—Communism—no doubt due to the ill-gotten power and influence of the bourgeoisie, they are hopeful symbols of the change to come. In the United Kingdom, socialist Jeremy Corbyn successfully gained control of the Labour party and is a heartbeat away from the premiership due to Theresa May’s abuses of power and dereliction of duty. These promising leftward shifts should give us hope, yet we should never become complacent or feel there is a price too high to pay for the rights of the proletariat. In our fight for society, we should remind ourselves that all we have to lose is our chains.


🅱️adical 🅱️ryan is a Marx enthusiast who enjoys long walks on the beach and the overthrow of the neoliberal capitalist world order.

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March 13, 2020

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