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March 29, 2019

We’ve all been there. You’re on your third Peet’s coffee for the day. You decided to take a chance on something in orange sauce from Commons for lunch. Suddenly, it all hits you at once. You’re too far from the comfort of your personal bathroom, decked out with a squatty potty, wet wipes and Poo Pourri, but if you don’t head to a restroom quick, you’re going to explode. What do you do? Worry not! The staff here at the Acron is here to rank the best bathrooms on campus so that no matter where your BMs take you, you’ll always be covered. Here are the best bathrooms on campus, make sure you take note!



The Single Bathroom in the EC: When that Starbucks coffee moves through you a little too quickly there’s no greater relief than a nice private, pooping space. The gender-neutral bathroom between the men’s and women’s bathrooms in the E.C. is just the place. Fully decked out in bright orange tiles and complete with hooks for your things, it simply doesn’t get better than this.


The Hall of Sciences Bathrooms: Feeling bad that you forgot your reusable straw? Been meaning to get a reusable coffee cup, but keep forgetting? Don’t worry, the Hall of Sciences bathrooms will fill your eco-friendly itch with their dual flush option. Not only can you dip during that dragging lecture, but you can be proud of your water saving choice! Beware though, the wifi here is not great. Scrolling through Insta or taking Buzzfeed quizzes while you do your business is not the move here.


Brother’s College Bathrooms: As long as you don’t try to pee anytime between 9 a.m. and 1:05 p.m. these bathrooms are a solid choice. If you do have to stop here during peak class times, expect to either (a) be hit by the door, (b) hit someone with the door or (c) accept that you will be late to your next class. Make sure to always pick the big stalls with window sills the perfect size for your backpack and coffee. No more fumbling to make sure your stuff doesn’t touch the dirty bathroom floor!


Harry Potter Building Bathrooms: As if you were really at Hogwarts, the first task when trying to use these bathrooms is finding them. Can you follow the misleading arrows that seem to point you in all different directions? Will you go down the correct corridor and open the right door? Only your skills as a wizard will help you in this quest. Once you do find these bathrooms, though, you might think your at a family-run inn in New England. Not a bad fantasy to take you away from the stress of that upcoming research paper. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

DOYO Bathrooms: As a music major, I may be biased in saying that the music wing has the best bathrooms in the DOYO. Anyways, I’m right. They always have extra toilet paper (just don’t go into the second stall because the evil dispenser will only give you approximately 1.5 sheets) and there’s very little foot traffic. Need a few minutes alone? Go up to the second floor bathrooms in the music wing, it’ll just be you, the constant D pitch that rings through the DOYO and (if it’s after 10 p.m.) the DOYO ghosts. :)

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