4 YouTubers You Should Watch to Procrastinate

April 5, 2019

It’s April! You know what that means? Suddenly 75 things were added to your to-do list and you are debilitated by stress. What’s the best solution to stress? Avoidance! Procrastination! Well… maybe it’s not the *best solution*, but it’s definitely a solution. When you’ve run out of Netflix shows to watch and Hulu’s The Act is just a little bit too creepy to assuage your stress, YouTube is the place to go. Whether you watch YouTube videos the moment they’re released or you don’t even have the YouTube app on your phone, here are 4 YouTube channels you should definitely start watching.


UnnnhhH with Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova





Do you love comedy? Drag? Great editing? Then World of Wonder Presents’ show UnnnHHh is the perfect show for you. In it, Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova, drag queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race fame, discuss different topics each week. I’m truly not sure what it is that makes the show so funny. Is it the rapport between Mattel and Zamolodchikova? Or the editing which stretches each joke to hilarious lengths? Either way, if you want a good intro to their show try watching one of the “Random” episodes (Episodes 30, 50, 61, or 67) which encapsulate the comedy gold that the pair is.


Buzzfeed Unsolved



Okay,  if you haven’t watched Buzzfeed Unsolved by now, what are you doing? There’s something for everyone on the Buzzfeed Unsolved Network, from the Supernatural series to the True Crime series and even mini-episodes on both subjects. The Supernatural and True Crime episodes are about as long as a Netflix show, ranging anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes, making them the perfect length for a study break. Just be careful, you might not want to watch with the lights off!


TwoSet Violin



Whether or not you are a fan of classical music you will enjoy TwoSet Violin. Founded in 2014, Brett Yang and Eddie Chen post hilarious, yet completely accurate, videos about life as a classical musician. They post almost every day of the week, although, since they are based in Australia, it’s usually around 2 a.m. our time (Eastern Standard Time). One of the best bits of the show is “Ling Ling,” who is the embodiment of the perfect classical musician. There is no one person called Ling Ling, it is merely anybody that TwoSet deems to be particularly talented at their instrument. They frequently play classical music charades on the channel as well. One of their most recent classical music charades featured them playing songs that represented characters in the new Nintendo Smash Bro’s game. Plus, sometimes they have some really cool musical guests such as Hilary Hahn, who is a world class violin soloist.


Safiya Nygaard



If you used to be really into beauty gurus in middle and high school, you’ll definitely love Safiya Nygaard’s channel. Nygaard used to work at Buzzfeed, but since leaving the company has launched her own channel that definitely has had as much, if not more, success than her previous Buzzfeed videos. Some of Nygaard’s most popular videos come from her series, “WTF are Those?,” where she tries ugly fashion trends like thigh-high Ugg boots and platform Crocs. Honestly, Nygaard has such a bubbly personality and the way she figures out how to style some of the most ridiculous pieces is simply mind boggling. Plus, her cat Crusty makes appearances in almost every video and he is very cute.

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