Drew Outsources Summer Storage

Drew Residence Life has announced that they will be stopping their on-campus Summer Storage program this coming summer. The program, which allowed students to store up to five 18″x18″x24″ boxes in either the back of Tolley-Brown or the basement of Sitterly House, was touted as an alternative to more expensive storage options, such as renting out an off-campus pod.




But in a surprise move Thursday afternoon, the office sent out a campus-wide email announcing that the university will cease operation of the service, and now will offer summer storage solely through Dorm Room Movers, an external company serving college students with shipping and storage services. In the email, Residence Life cites increased ease for students and access to a climate controlled facility as the primary reasons for switching to an outside service. Dorm Room Movers sends workers to pick up the boxes directly from the dorm room, instead of having students move the containers downstairs and to Sitterly House or Tolley Hall by themselves.


Initial reactions from students have mainly focused on cost—the email did not list the new pricing, but noted that “the cost for summer storage has significantly increased.” In previous years, Residence Life has charged $15 per box for the first three containers and $20 per container after three, with a limit of five items in total. (This resulted in the maximum possible cost for the on-campus program being $85 for five boxes.) Based on Dorm Room Movers’ website, the new base cost is $39.99 to register and receive five 18"x18"x22" boxes, and $61 to store each box. (This results in the maximum possible cost for the Dorm Room Movers’ standard box size being $345 for five boxes, with the cost potentially being as low as $285 or as high as $580 depending on box size.) However, it is not possible to get an exact quote without registering for the service. To help cover the increased cost under Dorm Room Movers, the email also stated that a 20% discount was available for Drew students using the code “Drew19.”


A source of anxiety for one anonymous student was that Dorm Room Movers charges additional fees (ranging from $30 to $499) to deliver boxes on days not designated “free featured dates...provided based on the academic calendar.” This could cause increased costs for students needing to move in early for training or orientations or students who arrive late.


Residence Life did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


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March 13, 2020

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