Jazz Up Your Food at the Commons

September 6, 2019

The Commons is a central part of the eating experience for Drew University students, so knowing the options, getting creative and using it to its full potential is key. What many students don’t realize about the Commons is that there is a lot more than what meets the eye; exciting food options are just under their noses. Here are a few suggestions to make the most of what the Commons has to offer!


1. Take advantage of the grill


This might seem obvious to some, but it is an important aspect of the Commons to remember. While a lot of students want to get their food quickly and do not want to take the time to wait for something at the grill, sometimes having the patience to wait for a few minutes has a big payoff when it comes to food quality. The grill offers standard dishes like chicken sandwiches, hot dogs and burgers, but it also has a “secret menu” of sorts that students can use. For example, students can get many more toppings than just plain cheese for their burgers: grilled mushrooms, sauteed onions, bacon and fried eggs are all possible toppings. Breakfast food lovers also have options since the grill also serves omelettes all day with a variety of toppings such as spinach, ham, mushrooms, cheddar and mozzarella to choose from.


2. Keep special days at the Commons in mind


The Commons is always having special themed food days throughout the month during lunch and dinner time. In the past week alone, the Commons featured cheese quesadillas, Mediterranean and Moroccan fare, creole and Cajun dishes as well as breakfast burritos. The dates for when the Commons will be having certain foods can be found on the “Drew This Week” emails in the “What’s cooking?” section, but also check the napkin holders on the tables for the dates of other fun food-focused events at the Commons, like the créme brûlée demonstration they hosted on Sept. 3.




3. Get creative!


If the Commons does not have something you want, get creative and make it happen! Some students forget that the Commons allows you to mix and match elements from different stations to create food that you like. As an idea, next time you’re craving an ice cream sandwich while at the Commons, try making a waffle ice cream sandwich by using the waffle machine and grabbing a scoop of ice cream from the cooler. Want something a little extra spicy for your meal? Look for the sriracha sauce by the vegetarian station to spice up your food! Does your yogurt need a little extra crunch for breakfast? Try adding some cereal from the cereal station by the drinks machine!


The Commons can be a very exciting place to eat if you learn how to use all the resources it provides to their full capacities!


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