Meet the Acorn Editorial Board

September 6, 2019


Kassel Franco Garibay (’20) is a co-Editor-in-chief for The Acorn and has been involved since her first year at Drew. She originally joined as the Opinions Editor and this is her second year acting as co-editor-in-chief. Outside of the office, she is a Civic and Baldwin Honors Scholar, and a women and gender studies and international relations double major with a minor in Latin American studies. She is also on the board for the Feminist Intersection, ARIEL, CIAO and is the House Assistant for La Casa Latina. You can usually spot her wearing a flannel and drinking coffee as she runs from one meeting to another. Something you might not know about her is that, when she was 13, she tried to run away with the circus but they were not hiring. 


Anna Gombert (’20) has been  a co-Editor-in-chief for The Acorn since her first year at Drew. She is an English communications major with a double minor in art history and women and gender studies, as well as a Baldwin Honors scholar. She also serves as an executive board member for Drew’s Feminist Intersection and is the House Assistant for WoCo: a Feminist House. When (and if) Anna has free time, she tries to be involved as a general board member for several other clubs. She prides herself on her ability to find cool mushrooms and salamanders in the mountains.



Ryman Curtis (’21) is the News Editor for The Acorn. He was dragged into the paper his first week as a freshman and isn’t quite sure why he stuck around. He is a political science major with minors in history and environmental studies and sustainability. In his nonexistent free time, he is the Junior Corresponding Editor for the Drew Review and works at the United Methodist Archives. He is told he was a cute baby.







Nina Campli (’20) is an anthropology and German major with a music minor. She has been the editor of the Student Life and Arts section since last spring. In addition to being a part of The Acorn, she is also a member of the orchestra and has been a part of the Mighty OC for three years! The words “free time” are not in her vocabulary, as she is also an RA on Tolley Three and holds a job at the Concert Hall at Drew. If you have ever met her, then you’ll know she also loves socks and believes it’s bad luck to wear matching socks (unless they have a special pattern on them).





Olivia Yepez (‘22) is from Albuquerque, New Mexico. She has been an editor for the Student Life and Arts section of The Acorn since spring of 2019. She has loved writing since a very young age, and she has spent all of her high school and college years so far working on school newspapers. At Drew University, she is pursuing a major in media and communications and a minor in Spanish. She also represents the Drew Rangers as a saber fencer on the women’s fencing team. In her free time, Olivia loves to bake. Her friends and family lovingly know her as baking tornado in the kitchen when she’s cooking up a treat to share.




Diana Karamourtopoulos (’21) is the Opinions Editor, and has been a part of the paper since her Spring semester freshman year when Kassel convinced her to join. She is an international relations major, with minors in Spanish and environmental studies. In addition to being on The Acorn, Diana is in Student Government, Drew Student Voter Project, and is an RA in Brown. Something fun about her is that she was born on her grandmother’s birthday, and she weighed only four pounds!






Ryan Strauss (’21) is the Assistant Opinions Editor, and joined The Acorn during the fall of his sophomore year. He is a Political Science and Philosophy double major with a minor in Law, Justice and Society. He is also a senator in Student Government, an Executive Co-Director of the Drew Student Voter Project and a Baldwin Honors and Civic Scholar. Writing is a passion of his, and he believes that open discourse and free expression of opinions are essential to society. During his minimal free time, he enjoys drinking tea, getting lost in Wikipedia rabbit holes and long walks with his girlfriend.



Caroline Polich (’21) is the Graphics Editor for The Acorn and joined the paper during her freshman year, after she was recruited to draw trees by the then-Graphics Editor David Giacomini (’18). She is a studio art major with minors in art history, media and communications and Spanish. When she isn’t studying in the library or pulling all-nighters in the DoYo, she enjoys painting, messing around on Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator and going to museums with her boyfriend. A little known fact about Caroline is that she has lived in seven states.



Alexa “Fitz/Fitzy” Fitzgerald (’21) is the Sports Editor, and joined The Acorn at the behest of the former editor Josephine Emanuelli (’19) a fellow Ranger on the field hockey team during her first semester of freshman year. In Drew’s Forest she has undertaken a political science major and a minor in law, justice and society. Fitz’s many passions in life are playing on the women’s soccer team at Drew, registering students to vote with the Drew Student Voter Project and having fun in Wesley House to get prospective students to apply for admission. Her fun fact is that she is one of a kind even though she is a quadruplet.

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