Student Government Presidential Address

September 6, 2019

Welcome back everyone! I cannot emphasize how excited I am for this upcoming semester and everything we have in store for Student Government. Last semester was definitely an interesting one, and everything sure felt like an uphill battle against those who did not want change, responsibility or to actually serve the student body. It seemed that, to many, Student Government was more a game to play politics rather than a responsibility to serve the Drew community. But, those who did care were still able to persevere in many ways and accomplish several great things. These include finally getting an international student senator seat, formalizing four standing committees and their responsibilities, getting senators out among the student body with tabling and other initiatives and publicizing our roles, meeting times and contact information to the larger community.  




Even with these and other successes, I left last year disappointed with the little amount we had gotten done. This semester, I genuinely believe we have the possibility to become a functioning and effective body for student advocacy. This year we have a senate of almost entirely new faces, but all of these senators, both new and old, have demonstrated to me that they possess a drive, motivation and vision to help the Drew community. With a reinvigorated purpose, hopefully, we can all plunge immediately into helping those we have been elected to serve. All of this, though, is not possible without your help. We all are aware there are problems with this school, but we need everyone to make them known. My experience as a senior is vastly different than that of the freshmen or almost all other students. If there are any issues you would like addressed or any changes that you would like to see, please never hesitate to reach out to me, the senators or to come to our meetings, held every Wednesday at 9:15 p.m. in E.C. 145. Getting involved is super easy! At every meeting we want the input of students and have an entire section of the agenda devoted to it. Likewise, three of our committees (University Concerns,  Academic Concerns and Diversity and Inclusion) are open to any and all students to serve on and participate in. We have big plans for this semester, but we want you to be involved!


The Constitution states that the purpose of student government is to “advocate and provide services for the student body.” We are nothing without the students, and if we do not serve them, we are useless as well. It is by getting greater participation, input and advice from you, the student body of Drew University, that we can remain centered on our goal. Maybe then, we can truly embody our motto of “Freely ye have received, freely give.”


If you have any questions at all, please never hesitate to contact me at


I remain, as ever, yours in service,




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March 13, 2020

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