A Compliment Sandwich for the EC

September 13, 2019

Like any normal person, I live for EC french fries. The EC food court is a mandatory lunch staple—I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t have my soup and a mini side salad, (probably have a mental break down). And the veggie burgers? The quesadillas? So. Good.

 But sometimes, actually a lot of the times, the EC has me scratching my head over its rules and regulations. Here is a comprehensive list of things that make my brain form a question mark whenever I’m in the EC:

  1. To have a side salad or no salad? You can only get a mini side salad with your soup, and not when you get a bread bowl, because I’ve tried that. No ma’am, no side salad with a sandwich, or a quesadilla or even substituting fries for a salad with your burger. This hurts my soul. 

  2. The whole weighing your pasta for a meal swipe fiasco. I feel like a war criminal when I’m told I’ve gone over my pasta limit. 

  3. The excessive number of foods that cost points when the majority of students are using meal swipes. I do not have extensive data, but I do know for a fact that nobody goes to the EC with intentions of spending points on those pudding cups by the ready-made, to-go sandwiches. 

  4. “The tomato and cheddar soup is not and never will be good” and “It tastes like tomato sauce with cheese melted in it, but sadder.”

  5. No more toppings by the chili and soups this year. Did the EC run out of bacon/cheese/and onions, or did we cut that from the budget too?


But since this is a compliment sandwich, here is a list of things that the EC excels at:

  1. The quesadillas. Bless them. Cherish them. I would create a whole shrine to them.

  2. That spread they use on the turkey bacon ciabatta sandwich. No idea what’s in it, it’s probably not great for you, but I would eat a whole jar of it.

  3. The tortellini with spinach. What a meal. What a time. 

  4. The crispy chicken sandwiches. Need I say more?

  5. The veggie burgers. So many veggies. So much appreciation.

The EC food court has some good parts and bad parts to it. There could definitely be healthier options that counted for meal swipes, and there could definitely be more options for meal swipes in general. What also concerns me is the amount of food waste in EC. Are the foods (especially the prepared, to-go wrap bites and sandwiches, fruit, cereal and oatmeal cups, etc.) that aren’t being eaten getting thrown out or are we donating them? If we could come up with data for meal swipes versus points to see what foods are being eaten and what aren’t, Drew could cut spending on food items that aren’t working in the EC and save itself a ton of money. Just a thought. Again, a compliment sandwich.


Sydney is a junior English major.

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