The Lizzie McGuire Reboot is What Dreams are Made of

September 20, 2019

One of the often overlooked and forgotten legends of our generation is the actress and singer extraordinaire, Hilary Duff. If you have not thought about Duff in years, I have an axe to grind, since she is an unproblematic queen and one of the only examples of a child star who thrived after her adolescence. If you are someone like me who often thinks of Duff and the pop culture injustice of her decline in mainstream fame, boy do I have exciting news for you. While scrolling through my Instagram feed several weeks ago, a post from Hilary Duff changed my life exponentially for the better. Duff made the surprising announcement that she is going to be starring in the reboot of her quintessential early 2000s show, Lizzie McGuire. The remake is going to be on Disney Plus, Disney’s new online streaming service that will launch in November. It is unclear what other members of the original cast will be joining, but it is safe to assume that the iconic sidekicks Miranda and Gordo will make an appearance or will, hopefully, be regulars on the series. Despite the fact that I already have more subscriptions than I can afford, I will be sacrificing the $6.99 a month for the Hilary Duff content we all need and deserve. 


Not only was Lizzie McGuire a relatable coming-of-age show that followed a tween girl navigating middle school, the fashion and costuming in the series reflected the insanely bold trends of the times. All of the head to toe looks Lizzie and Miranda wore could have easily been an advertisement for the quirky accessory retailer Claire’s due to their tattoo chokers, butterfly clips, ridiculous hairstyles, mismatched colorful outfits and layers of fun jewelry. One can only hope that the remake will feature some of the 2000s throwback clothing or at least acknowledge the cultural impact of Lizzie’s daring sense of style that was probably the most memorable aspect of the show.  



Although I was just four years old when the show ended its two season run, Lizzie McGuire and Duff’s career as a singer and actress defined my early childhood. Duff was of course the first artist I had ever seen in concert and although my family had terrible seats, the glimpses I caught of her singing the songs “Come Clean” and “Wake Up” were forever etched into my five-year-old mind. Besides her hit show on Disney, some of my favorite projects by Duff are A Cinderella Story, Cadet Kelly, her self-titled 2004 album “Hilary Duff”, the 2005 compilation album “Most Wanted” and of course The Lizzie McGuire Movie. 


In spite of the fact that the reboot has not begun filming, crucial details regarding the storyline were revealed to hold us over until the release of the series. According to Duff, an exciting element from the original series that will make a reappearance is the animated Lizzie in her unforgettable pink crop top, blue jeans and orange platform flip flops. In addition, Duff divulged the trajectory of Lizzie’s life to ABC’s Good Morning America, "Her life is framed pretty perfectly. She has her dream job as an apprentice to an interior designer who is a pretty big deal. She has a gorgeous fiancé who is this chef at this cool Soho restaurant. She has a cute little apartment in Brooklyn and everything is going her way and she's celebrating her 30th birthday with all of her friends." To quote the best song from The Lizzie McGuire Movie, Lizzie’s adult life is “what dreams are made of” and I cannot wait to watch it all unfold. 


Victoria is a sophomore Political Science and Italian Double Major with a minor in Law, Justice and Society.

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