One Day at a Time

October 11, 2019

I’ve been in therapy for sometime now and it’s been such a life changing experience. To be honest, when I first started going to therapy I wanted to see results right away. I wanted to walk into the room and walk out all new and better. I wanted to go for a certain amount of time and just get better already. I wanted to wake up and see that all my problems disappeared. I was in for a rude awakening, because that’s not the way life works. When I didn’t get the results I wanted right away I panicked. 




Close to that time I had a breakdown at school in front of someone, and I will never forget what they said to me. First, you have to take things “one day at a time”, and that “you have to live to tell the tale!” It made me realize, “Oh my god, I actually don’t have to figure out my entire life right now because life was always meant to be a journey with hills, valleys and everything in between.” 


You have to keep fighting because one day, you’re going to tell your story, and so many people are going to be inspired by your strong will and perseverance. Imagine how amazing it would be to be the reason someone wants to get up in the morning, or fight another day, no matter what they’re going through. You are a part of something so much bigger than you, and your life has so much purpose. There are people out there that need you to keep fighting so that when you make it through, you can help them fight the same battles you once fought. You need to show them that it’s possible to hit rock bottom and get back up on your feet. So when your anxiety, depression and struggles get the best of you, remember someone is waiting on the other side to use you as their guiding light when they’re at their lowest. I’m rooting for everyone struggling out there, keep going and just know that I believe in you. You’re a fighter and a warrior, never forget that!


Manar is a senior Biochem major.

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March 13, 2020

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