Fun Halloween Costumes, Minus the Cost

October 25, 2019

The scariest thing about Halloween should not be the balance in your bank account. Here are a few options to make your Halloween just as fun as when you were a kid but on a college student budget. 




This is an easy last-minute costume and Halloween classic. All you need is dark-colored clothing from your closet or a retail store, some plastic fangs and maybe a splash of fake blood. A pack of three sets of vampire teeth go for $12.99 on Amazon, and a small tube of vampire blood is about $4.80. That's a total of $17.99. Just like that, you are ready to have a fun night out with all your other ghoul friends. 


The Addams Family

This is super easy for a group or couples’ costume at the last minute, especially if you own a black dress with a collar and can braid hair. Or just throw on a black suit and a drawn on mustache. It’s simple, easy and stylish! What more could you want? 


Your Favorite Meme

If making your own costume is your thing and you appreciate internet humor, this may be the choice for you. Dress up as Kermit or as arthur with his infamous closed fist. The point is to just have fun with it! Also new memes become relevant every year, so you can do this one in the future and have a completely different costume! 


Characters from Classic Horror Movies

Play up the fact that it’s the best time of the year for horror movies by referencing your favorite. You can find a mask from Amazon or Party City for a relatively cheap price. You could also get a group of friends together and have them dress up as other characters from the movie!


DIY Plants or Animals

Another option for someone who loves a crafty challenge. The great thing about this option is that there are any number of animals and plants you could choose from. There’s no need to deal with those baggy, itchy halloween costumes sold at Party City. Plus, sometimes you don’t want to be a sexy cat, sometimes you want to look like you just stepped out the musical Cats.


Roaring 20’s

While this is another classic, this year there’s the added bonus of 2020 being right around the corner. Get ahead of the game and show your 20’s pride with a flapper dress or a suave suit. 


Glow in the Dark 

When in doubt, glowing in the dark makes everything better. Even if you don’t have a full glow in the dark alien suit, glow sticks are always a good choice! 


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