Presidential Address

November 14, 2019


Hey Everyone!


Over the past couple weeks, the cabinet and senators of the Student Government have been involved in a whole slew of different initiatives which I would love to update you all on. By far the biggest change is the restructuring of Student Government being undertaken by the Constitutional Review Committee. Like the reasons for the changes with the Budgets and Boards Committee, this is directly stemming from student feedback. We have heard from many parts of the student body how Student Government faces extreme issues of actually representing the student body. In addition, a new structure will hopefully address the issues of motivation and effectiveness of the body as a whole through giving various positions more focused tasks. All of this is preliminary, and still needs to be approved by the Senate, but the main idea is to slim down the Senate itself and create a body of Constituent Representatives that represents various Academic divisions, sports, residence hall issues and other special student interests. There are various other aspects such as committee reform, changing the cabinet positions and assigning new responsibilities, but all of it is still in the planning stages. This new vision comes directly from student input, so if you have any ideas or things you would like to see change in Student Government, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at or any of your class senators!





Likewise, Student Government has started conversations to create better relationships with various student advocacy groups, organizations and departments. We have met with the Developer Student Club, which has kindly heard our need for a better way to communicate and advertise with the student body. Their board expressed interest in looking into the creation of an app which we would be able to promote and publicize in an efficient way. We look forward to any solution they come up with! In addition, Jess Luis from RHA and I spoke about establishing a stronger connection that would allow both groups to support each other. More people-power is never a bad thing, and since we are both organizations that exist to hear student issues, pooling our resources, connections and knowledge will hopefully allow us to address what comes up much more efficiently. As part of that, the Senate voted to help out with their international flag event on the 20th of November. Similarly, I have met with the head of the Eco-Reps about how the Student Government can help them with their awesome and extremely valuable initiatives.  Everyone was super on board, so we look forward to what comes from that relationship in the future!


In addition, Student Government has had an ongoing dialogue with Aramark about improving menu items and providing better options for various students’ needs. We have met with both chefs as well as the head of Dining Services, and all were on board with hearing student feedback and putting it into action. To make sure this connection is maintained, the Senate voted in an Ad-hoc Dining Concerns Committee led by Bobby Ludwick ( to directly funnel items to the Aramark representatives on campus. If you have any thoughts or input about dining, we want to hear them! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Bobby or myself.


This has been a brief overview of some of the bigger things which the Cabinet and Senate have undertaken in the past couple weeks. There is much more which we are working on, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to me, the senators or check the minutes of the meetings posted to our PATH page if you would like to hear more!  As always, what we do is directly for the students. We exist for your concerns, feedback and ideas regarding your experience here at Drew. Without your input, we cannot continue to make Drew a better place.


Until next time! I remain, as ever, yours in service,





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March 13, 2020

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