The Star Wars Prequel Trilogy Is the Best

January 24, 2020

Like any normal person with free time over winter break, I decided to rewatch Star Wars and the verdict is: the prequel trilogy is the best one. Why? Because Natalie Portman as Padme is a badass, and Anakin going from small child to an angsty, mini adult version of Hamlet with major attitude issues is pure cinema evolution. Also, Yoda. I love Baby Yoda with all my heart, but can we bring back the love of elderly Yoda, who is, lowkey, as sus of the Chancellor being evil and knows what’s up. Grandpa Yoda for the world, folks. 




Now, in light of my statement, I won’t deny that there are some sketchy elements in the prequel series. In an article titled “15 Things About Anakin and Padme’s relationship That Make No Sense”, the author argues, “why can’t anyone notice or sense the intense feelings Anakin has towards Padme? The Jedi council is able to sense when he misses his mom, but later they can’t sense that he has agonizing fear of his secret wife dying.” Okay, this isn’t wrong, but hear me out – maybe Yoda did sense it, and didn’t do anything about it because he figured whatever was going to happen between them was going to happen. He wasn’t going to be a Boomer about it and narc on their parade. The author also states, “Since Anakin is able to secretly be with Padme we would think his angst would be gone, but unfortunately it is not. He is closed off to Padme and unable to express himself to her.” He continues, “She is constantly begging him to open up, yet he still will not tell her what is going on. This doesn’t make much sense because Anakin claimed that his internal agony was from not being with Padme. However, even with her he remains emotionally immature.” Listen, this isn’t an untrue statement. Anakin isn’t a great guy because if he was, there wouldn’t be a story here. Star Wars is a Space Opera not a Space RomCom. Does Padme deserve better? Yes. 100%. But because of the patriarchy, we focus on Anakin’s development from happy Jedi child to angsty teen to Supreme Overlord of Anger. 


What makes the prequel trilogy so great is the drama. The “will they or won’t they” with Anakin and Padme. The conflict between Anakin as he struggles between the dark side and the force. Nobody goes into the prequel trilogy hoping for rainbows and butterflies. And besides, what makes the prequel so good is that after you see how screwed up Luke’s dad is, it only makes you root for him more. All in all, if you haven’t watched the Prequel Trilogy, you are missing out on some true cinematic drama. Peak Space Opera vibes.


Sydney is a junior English Major.


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