Gives Turtles a Chance...

February 7, 2020

Animal accounts are all the rave right now on Instagram. I get it! Pets are super adorable and provide a sense of stress-relief with all of their antics. In the past, I have enjoyed watching Waffles—a corgi, Shiba Inu and jindo mix—on his instagram account. However, as time has gone by, I have noticed that there is one pet that never gets enough love; of course, I am talking about the turtles. 

Our green friends with a portable house on their back, and their land-dwelling cousins, are always looked over on social media, and I will not stand for it anymore. Turtles and tortoises can be some of the most picture-friendly animals out there and can help create some really aesthetically pleasing color schemes. 





Let’s begin with their personalities. Sure, some turtles have a resting you-know-what face, but that’s never stopped a person from creating an Instagram account for themselves. The truth is that turtles are highly intelligent creatures with some very complex personalities. Personally, my pet turtle, Teresa, is a very sassy turtle but that doesn’t stop her from having happy days. She loves going on walks around our garden and we are very aware of when she isn’t vibing with somebody! 

Moving onto aesthetics, there are a couple of great instagram pages of both, turtles and tortoises, which are always so pleasant to watch. For example, Ethel the Tortoise has a page (@etheltheglourtort) where she shows off some of her daily activities and some high tortoise fashion. Her light-brown and yellow-ish shell is complemented extraordinarily well with grass during summertime, gingerbread houses during the winter, pumpkins in the fall and yellow flowers in the spring. Not only is Ethel a fashion icon, but she’s also an adventurous and luxurious tortoise with so much to offer the internet. 


There is also Squishy and Honey, two turtles based in New York City who share an Instagram page (@cityturtles) who have an amazing winter theme going on right now that I cannot stop thinking about. What makes this duo special is that they’re two different breeds– one is a red-eared slider and the other is a yellow-bellied slider– which are literally known for their popping colors. 

Listen, all I’m saying is that turtles have so much more to offer than what people might think. These are highly beautiful creatures that, if given the chance, will never disappoint… unless you have a fear of turtles… in which case, I am so sorry. 


Keven is a sophomore Spanish and Media and Communications double major.

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March 13, 2020

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