Halsey's Manic

February 7, 2020

Halsey just released a new album on January 17, 2020. The album contains a song that has already topped the charts entitled “Without Me,” as well as 10 never before heard songs and five others for a grand total of 16 songs. This album is a very deep reflection of oneself and reveals a “Manic” side of Halsey. Each song on the album expresses a different part of the journey she shares.

The first song on the album is entitled “Ashley” which is the singer’s real name. Starting the album with a song entitled after her birth name as opposed to her celebrity name begins the artist’s reflection of herself and her own mortality. The second song of the album, “Clementine”, really emphasizes the two voices: Halsey and Ashley. Part of the chorus from the song “Clementine” says, “I don’t need anyone”, which is the self confident Halsey side. The other part of the chorus says, “I just need everyone and then some,” which speaks to Ashley’s insecurities.

The middle three songs of the album reflect a mini revelation that Halsey’s life doesn’t have to revolve around who she is dating. Halsey seems to be looking back at former relationships in order to propel herself forward. The first song of the trio begins with a Cinderella fairytale romance that goes south, the second song is a collaboration with another artist that shows brotherly love after a boy rips apart your heart, the final song of the trio is entitled “I HATE EVERYBODY”, which reflects the change of mindset from liking oneself because someone else likes you to liking oneself because you are you. 




After the mini revelation that Halsey has through the previous songs, “Finally // Beautiful People” is a heartfelt love song. This song narrates her first meeting with her future boyfriend. This song is one of the more important songs from the album because it is the first love song that Halsey has written without a punchline. The chorus of the song shows the singer’s insecurities about people who appear to be beautiful but cause her harm. The chorus then continues to say that in his arms Halsey finally feels safe to fall in love. The singer admitted that she wrote this as a first dance wedding song.

The song entitled “More” is about Halsey’s struggle with infertility and her realization that not being able to have children made her want to have a child more. The song then shifts when her doctor tells her that it may be possible for her to have children and instead of the lyrics “I still want you more” being repeated, the lyrics “I still love you more” are repeated. At the end of the song, the beat resembles a heartbeat one would hear during a sonogram. 


The song entitled “Still Learning” is about how despite going through this journey of self-reflection, she is still learning to love herself including the wrongs she’s done in her life. This idea of still learning who you are and loving yourself despite your faults flows into the final song. The final song of the album is entitled “929” and begins with Halsey bragging to a man that she was born on September 29 at 9:29 in a brief voice memo. The song ends with a dialogue about how her whole life she believed the first dialogue to be true, but recently she found her birth certificate and realized she was a liar. This confession of being a liar is the last line listeners hang on to after listening to the entire album through.


Brianna is a junior Political Science and French double major.

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