Connors' Column: Single Girl's Guide to Survive Valentine's Day

February 14, 2020

Although its origin story varies among different religions and locations, Valentine’s Day is traditionally associated with traces of romance. Recognized annually on Feb. 14, it is most commonly celebrated as the day of love. For those in relationships, it is a pivotal holiday. For those that are not in love, however, it is social torture.


Unfortunately, some people go to great lengths in their relationships just to avoid the lovey dovey holiday. A large number of individuals engage in the epidemic of “Valentine’s Day breakups,” where couples break up right before Feb. 14 and get back together right after, in an effort to avoid the sappy traditions.



For many people, embracing the holiday is often a challenge. Although some of us wish for its demise, experiencing another Valentine's Day is virtually unavoidable. That being said, there are several ways you can make the best out of it.


This Valentine’s Day, I will be watching a surplus of romantic comedies. I recommend that you take advantage of any streaming platforms you have access to. If you’re in the mood for a good cry, a traditional romantic comedy will deliver.  I recommend that you watch the 2003 classic “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.” The film follows Benjamin Barry (Matthew McConnaghey), a jewelry salesman goaled with making a woman fall in love with him, and Andie Anderson (Kate Hudson), a columnist writing about what not to do in a relationship. The rom-com follows the hilariously crazy couple engaging in their conflicting schemes.  


This Valentine’s Day, I will be taking a mental health day. If you choose to do the same, I recommend taking a walk down Main St. and visiting a salon. You can get your hair done at The Loft Salon by Sheriene (4.5 Yelp review) or Esquire Barber Shop (4.5 Yelp review). I also suggest getting a massage at Beneath the Surface Spa (4.0 Yelp review).


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March 13, 2020

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