My Heart Goes Out to Student Activities

February 21, 2020

When you work really hard at something that has meaning to you, the greatest reward is getting recognition. I think that Student Activities deserve their recognition for the events they’ve thrown this semester. Last year I found myself wishing that Drew held more school-wide events on the weekend—I was ecstatic to learn that Student Activities planned weekend events that were engaging and fun (and a better alternative to watching “The Office” for the tenth time).


Though I haven’t gone to all of these events, Casino Night being my first, it was a blast. The dealer, who was hilarious and engaging, taught me how to gamble (correctly) with money that had no real consequence. Two other students bet all of their chips several times and won BIG. When the blackjack table got full, it was even more fun! We were all laughing and cheering each other on the whole way through, even sparing chips to those who had lost it all. This was an event where the more people that attended, the more fun it became.


That being said, when I arrived, I was underwhelmed with the amount of students that showed up. There were four tables, craps being the most popular, with all the spots around the table filled. At times some tables were left completely vacant, with the dealer sitting on their phone waiting for students to go and gamble. 


 GRAPHIC COURTESY OF STUDENT ACTIVITIES                              


This past weekend was the #TreatYoSelf (Well) event. They advertised massages, DIY lotion and make your own trail mix. I had been set on going since reading about it. My friends however, were not, and it took a lot of convincing that night to get them to go. When we got there, I was underwhelmed with the number of students again. They had offered free massages, a great way, I thought, to relax and unwind during midterm season. We (a group of seven) were each able to make our lotion, get our massages and make trail mix within 40 minutes. We enjoyed ourselves and the event tremendously, and it didn't take up our whole evening (if you’re concerned about that). 


So my question is, why aren’t more students attending these events? Why aren’t they taking advantage of these amazing weekend programs? If you aren’t enjoying it, you can return to your regularly scheduled activity, but so far there hasn’t been an unenjoyable event that I have attended nor heard of. At Casino Night, I stayed until my chip supply had dwindled down, which was probably an hour or so after I had arrived (and I probably would’ve stayed longer but once you lose chips six times in a row, you lose confidence in your ability to gamble successfully and go all in to get it over with). 


Every event doesn’t interest me, and that’s okay. But they provide us with something new to do on the weekends, and hey, who knows, maybe you would’ve been the craps champion and won $5,200 worth of chips (and by luck of draw, won four gift cards when you cashed in for 52 raffle tickets). These events are made for everyone to enjoy and try something different: it’s not every weekend that you can gamble with no consequences or get a free massage.


Jalyssa is a sophomore.

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