Reduce, Reuse, Recycle at Drew

Every year, Drew University signs up for the annual Recyclemania competition to see which campus across the nation can recycle the most items and create the least amount of trash! Drew University has consistently been ranked in the top five universities in the U.S. for this and has been named a green college by the Princeton Review. Recyclemania is a campus-wide sustainability effort. This year, the competition will take place from February 2 to March 28. 


As a green campus, Drew appreciates nature and wants to do its best to preserve the flora and fauna that live here. One of the ways to accomplish this is by recycling items that can be used again or repurposed into something new. 



When recycling at Drew, it is important to place the items you are disposing of into the correct bin, and to make sure they do not have any food or liquid waste on them when you do. Recyclable items include plastic, paper, cardboard and metal items. It is important to remember not to put your recycling in a plastic bag because they are not recyclable plastic. Due to this, if recycling is put in a plastic bag, it will be considered contaminated. 


It is important to be mindful of disposing items properly because, at Drew, if there is any contamination in recycling they have to throw the whole bag away and nothing in it gets recycled. In order to maximize recycling, cardboard boxes which are not contaminated with grease should be flattened before being recycled, as well.


Composting is another way to recycle, however Drew has stopped composting recently and people should be aware of this. Compostable materials, consisting of only biodegradable things such as food waste, is now considered trash on campus. Nevertheless, it is a recycling option to keep in mind.


If you have any questions about recycling, check the red and blue infographic posters near the trash and recycling bins in the residence halls, or the signs above the waste receptacles in the EC. Feel free to reach out to the Office of Sustainability at with questions, as well.

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March 13, 2020

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