SG Swears in New Senator, Committee Member

February 21, 2020

On Tuesday, Feb. 18, Student Government was called to order at 9 p.m. in EC 145 to discuss the agenda for this week.


First on the agenda was the approval and swearing-in of new senator, Luke Henry (’21), who will replace either Ryan Strauss (’21) or Brianna Perrone (’21) as a Junior Senator. Before his nomination, Student Government President Mehek Agrawal (’22) spoke about Henry's experience of being an RA since his sophomore year and his work with residence life. The president also spoke about Henry’s work as a tour guide coordinator for Drew Admissions. There were no objections towards Henry’s nomination and the senate unanimously voted him into the Junior Senator seat.


Next, Agrawal brought up the two events which will be cosponsored by Student Government: the Colorful Verses event happening on Saturday, Feb. 22  at 8 p.m. in the Pub and the Hot Cocoa Giveaway on Monday Feb. 24 from 9-11 a.m. on the EC Patio. She also discussed plans for a community forum where students could voice their concerns to staff and administration, having the senators name people they thought should be invited to the event.


The senators then discussed students' concerns  and complaints regarding washer and dryer issues in Hoyt, Foster and Welch. Senator Bobby Ludwick (’20) noted that this is an ongoing  problem. President Agrawal will be meeting with Auxiliary Services in upcoming weeks about this specifically. Senators also raised student concerns about the red sauce in the Commons being watery and a lack of specialized mental health services for people of color.


International Senator Rachel Wu (‘22) updated the senate about her meeting with the Summer Storage Committee. Senator Wu informed the senate that there will be no more campus storage and that students can utilize Dorm Room Movers, the same as last year. Students can pay a registration fee of $30 to use the service, after which they will be given five boxes that will be charged $40 each. There will be a 20 percent discount for all Drew students and Financial Aid will be offered to eligible students. If students choose to use a suitcase instead of a box to store their items, they will be charged a different price.


During the senator updates, Senator Carly Orent (’23) brought up the emailing of Dr. Daniel Pascoe-Aguilar about the concerns with Launch. Senator Orent met with Pascoe-Aguilar on Friday to talk about forming a committee for Launch, and she asked the senate for ideas about who should serve on said committee. The advisory group would figure out how to integrate Launch within DSEM and discuss more about the program’s curriculum.


  Chief Financial Officer Yoel Ovadya (’23) then brought up the nomination of Matheus Ishizuka (‘22) to take up a position as a sophomore BOB Member. Ovadya spoke about Ishizuka’s involvement within Drew University’s Basketball and Soccer clubs, as well as serving as a tour guide on campus. Following Ovadya’s nomination, Ishizuka did not offer any additional information and said he did not “really understand this position.” The Senate proposed postponing the vote until next week so that Ishizuka could be informed about the position, but Ovadya interrupted and said the position had to be filled immediately. The committee then motioned for a five minute recess to allow Ovadya to explain to Ishizuka what position he was being voted into and the process of being voted in by the Senate. After the break was over, the committee then motioned to approve Ishizuka into the BOB position, and with 12 Yays and 1 Abstention, Ishizuka was voted into the position of BOB member. After voting him in, Sophomore Senator Anna Smith asked Ovadya why the position had to be filled immediately. Ovadya responded that BOB had scheduled a meeting shortly to explain the ad-hoc process to new members, and therefore he needed a full board. 


The next Student Government meeting will be held on Tuesday, Feb. 25 at 9 p.m. in EC 145. Drew students are encouraged to attend Student Government meetings.


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March 13, 2020

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