Connors' Column: Celebrate Pi Day with COVID-19 Precautions

March 13, 2020


Reflecting back on my middle and high school days, I remember teachers bringing in pies for students and organizing festive activities for Pi Day which celebrates the mathematical number frequently rounded to 3.14. As a holiday cherished by the math community and celebrated annually on March 14, it was never left unacknowledged. However, due to new measures to slow the spread of COVID-19, the usual celebrations have become limited. 



In previous years, Drew’s Math Club hosted events that provided a variety of free pies and challenged participants to recite the most digits of pi, according to the University’s website. Additionally, The Commons has featured festive desserts in the past. However, due to the rapid spread of COVID-19 and the emphasis on social distancing, Drew will not be hosting any celebrations this year. 


Nevertheless, there are plenty of other ways to celebrate. 


If you want to drop some money on some cool Pi Day gear, I suggest heading over to the holiday’s official website and looking at their merch. According to the website, “The compliments you’ll receive will go on and on, just like the digits of pi. Perfect for anyone who wants to celebrate Pi Day, but especially great for math lovers, pun lovers, engineers and teachers.” 


The website features balloons, baking supplies, books, shirts, mugs, socks, tapestries and teacher supplies. All of their products feature either the pi symbol (π) or its digits. With a convenient price range, all of the products can be purchased through Amazon. 


For those not in the math community, Pi Day can also be celebrated in food-related ways. Perfect for foodies, you can easily honor both circles and the term “pie.” 


Notably, the hot commodity can be found at bakeries less than a mile from Drew, such as Baba’s Bakery, Crowley Cupcakes and Woodland Bakery. 


If you’re craving more of a meal, you can also head over to some local pizzerias for a pizza pie. Some include Nickey’s Firehouse Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria, Romanelli’s Pizza Italian Eatery or Tina’s Artisan Pizza, all of which are within walking distance of campus. 


Since person-to-person classes have been cancelled for the next three weeks, it’s important to note that you can practice social distancing while ordering some pies and merch for Saturday. Although you will not be able to show off your new outfit or bring your food to classes, you can still celebrate the holiday regardless. 


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March 13, 2020

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